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Images of Fu Manchu

Author Sax Rohmer

The First Fu Manchu story
Collier's Weekly
Feb. 15, 1913

Warner Oland as Fu Manchu

Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu
The Mask of Fu Manchu
MGM 1932

A collection of two stories
from the newspaper strip that
ran from 1930-32.
This edition from 1989.

The first appearance of Fu Manchu
on the cover of Detective Comics.
Reprints of the newspaper strip
were in issues 17-28.

An example of the re-formatted
newspaper strip from Detective 27.

New York, Sundial Press edition
circa 1939

Lobby card for the serial
from 1940.

Henry Brandon as Fu Manchu.
William Royle as Nayland Smith.
Drums of Fu Manchu

Avon comic with
art by Wally Wood from 1951.
Enlarged version shows
both front and back (?) covers.

1st paperback printing
from Pyramid.
1961 Books

Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu.
Cover to video release
of the 1965 Hammer film.

Shang-Chi was the son of
Fu Manchu in the Marvel series
that began in 1973 and
continued for nearly 10 years.
A great adventure comic!

The 5th Pyramid printing
from 1975.
Note the change in
the good doctor's appearance.

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