Picture of Henry Clay Fry
Henry Clay Fry

The H. C. Fry Glass Society was formed for the study, preservation of information and appreciation of the glass made at the H. C. Fry Glass Co. in Rochester, Pa. The glass produced was of the finest quality, made by most proficient artisans from the U. S. and Europe. The finished products were shipped worldwide.

Picture of Fry Glass Factory
Fry Glass Factory

The plant operated from 1901 to around 1933 and it at one time employed nearly 1000 people. Many families in the Beaver Valley area have relatives and friends that were employed by this large factory.

The H. C. Fry Glass Society welcomes persons interested in the study, preservation and appreciation of all the glass made at the H. C. Fry plant from 1901 to early 1930s. The Society meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 P. M. Most of the meetings are held at the Beaver Borough Building and notices are in the Beaver County Times newspaper. Our meetings are open to the public and guests are most welcome.

We publish a newsletter, "The Shards," four times a year and have members across the United States and Canada. We do hold conventions, usually every three years.

President:  Mike Sabo
Vice-President: Dr. Clifton Dietz
Secretary:  Charlene Herrman
Treasurer:  Judy Kaufman
Corresp. Secretary:  Marian Lindenmuth
Archives:   Mike Sabo
Publicity:  Betty Anderson
Photographer:  Ron Piggott
Social:  Judy Cleary
Membership: Mary McDeavitt
Shards publication: Mike & Becky Sabo
Acquisition Committee
Mike Sabo
Dr. Clifton Dietz
Judy Kaufman

For any inquiries or correspondence about the Society, you may contact any of the officers by email, or contact the Society directly via standard mail or email at:

H. C. Fry Glass Society
P.O. Box 41
Beaver, Pa. 15009

If you would be interested in becoming a member of the society, you may obtain membership information and an application by clicking here.